10 Ways to Love & Encourage Your Daughter

10 Ways to Love & Encourage Your Daughter

by Robin Ogle

1 Timothy 6:2

…..These things teach and exhort.

1. Pray for her.

Nothing will have more influence in her life than your petitions to the God of the universe. Ask your daughter often if there is anything special you can pray for.

2. Listen.

The most important part of communication is being quiet. Listen to her thoughts, hope, and dreams. Your positive replies will encourage more conversations and this is the key to a great relationship.

3. What is important to her should be important to you.

Guess what? You daughter does not like anything you like. So get out of your box and try some of her interests. Encourage her to explore what she enjoys.

4. Let her be her age.

All of my daughters are in their 20’s, not their 50’s like me. I need to be patient as they grow, understanding when they make missteps, and giggle at their crazy ideas!

5. Do things together.

I am referring to cooking, cleaning, homework, sewing, raking, and in general the things done around the home. At least be in the same room and enjoy each others company.

6. Play together.

Play what they like, introduce what you like, and be ready to take an aspirin when you get home.

7. Sing.

My daughters are gifted singers, I am not, but we all make a joyful noise. Let them pick the CD. Keep good music in your home. Sing while washing dishes.

8. Let her live the life God has for her.

Note to moms: it may not be what you have in mind. Guide your daughter, but teach her to look UP. Teach her to want to be close to the Saviour, to please Him, and the joy of serving Him.

9. Expect and allow mistakes.

We are all just imperfect girls serving a perfect God. So don’t freak out when your daughter acts like you.

10. Help her to embrace her uniqueness.

Different is better. She is not your sister, brother, friend, husband, or other sibling. Point out their ’golden’ traits. They will see the bad themselves, YOU show the good.

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