20 Things to Think About & Talk About BEFORE You Get Engaged

20 Things to Think About & Talk About BEFORE You Get Engaged

by Robin Ogle

1. Closer you are to God, the closer you will be to your spouse. Don’t even THINK engagement unless you BOTH are close to the Lord.

2. Your husband cannot be everything you need, only God can fill those shoes. Make sure you know God, and have a great relationship with HIM!

3. Give 100% because you love your fella, not because you expect something in return. Practice this with siblings.

4. Don’t “put up with” things or situations, learn to accept them on your knees. The biggest part of marriage is acceptance.

5. Pray every single day together.

6. Pray every single day for your future husband and your marriage. Start this TODAY!

7. Set-up your money plan, (budget, retirement, savings, investments) also and decide who will be the responsible adult in charge of the money.

8. Decide where parents and in-laws fit into your life.

9. Discuss birth-control, when you will have children, how many, and how the children will be cared for and raised.

10. What type of home will you have? I.e. quiet, lots of company, etc.

11. How active in church do you plan on being?

12. Which counselors do you both approve of?

13. How will you spend quality time together? Make a bucket list separately and together. You will them have a lifetime of dreams to fulfill.

14. What debt do you have? What debt does he have?

15. Read the “5 Love Languages” and find out your love language and your future mates.

16. How will you make decisions?

17. Do either of you have a commitment to other family members (financially or caregiver, etc) that will affect time or money after marriage?

18. What character traits do you admire in your future spouse?

19. Do a Bible study on marriage and read at least three books on marriage BEFORE you get engaged. Ask your mother or pastor’s wife for suggestions.

20. Read the marriage vows and apply Bible verses to each one. Are you ready to make that vow forever?

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