A Wife's Tool Box

A Wife’s Tool Box

by Robin Ogle

Proverbs 14:1

Every wise woman buildeth her house:

but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Girlfriend, you need a tool box. A figurative bunch of tools in your heart that will fix your marriage when it’s broken, needs a bit of repair, or just some preventive maintenance.

A super duper power tool is the tool of apology. Whenever there is an argument, spat, or tension; be quick to apologize. You say, “It was his fault.” But aren’t you sorry there is a wedge in your relationship? An apology plows down problems, levels the ground, and lets you start building all over. Regardless of ’fault’ God is not pleased when you are at odds with your mate. One of your best tool is tool of apology.

An often used tool in your box should be the tool of praise. Brag on your mate daily. Praise his work ethic, physical attributes, and talents. Verbally and with the written word take every opportunity to uplift the one you love. Take every opportunity to praise your man.

Use the tool of physical spoiling. Indulge him with food he enjoys. Pamper him with back rubs. Coddle your guy with kisses and hugs. Don’t forget the loving looks or holding his hand. Buy him treats, cool ties, hunting magazines, and anything else you can think of to spoil him rotten.

Men especially love when their wives use the tool of respect. Respect the decisions he makes. Accept the way he handles finances and your children. Have confidence in his walk with the Lord. Trust his love for you. Respect the way he does or doesn’t do things. This tool rules!

Ready to sell your tools for scrap or throw them at your mate? Pull out the BIG tool of prayer. Stay on your knees and petition God for your husband and your marriage. While the world and the devil seek to tear down what you have built, keep your prayer tool in your hand. Use it many times a day.

Keep your marriage well maintained. Ask God for the best way to use all the tools in your box. Keep your tools in working order and handy. Build, build, build!

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