No Exercise Zone

No Exercise Zone

1 Timothy 4:8

For bodily exercise profiteth little:

I admit it. I am one of those gals who HATES exercise. I would rather cut off my leg to weigh less than exercise! But it is good for me. I need to care for the one and only body God has given me. If I am to present my body as a, “living sacrifice”, it should be in shape and not look like Mrs. Potato Head. My “temple” ought to be maintained properly. So what’s an anti-exercise gal to do?

Put On Some Weight. HA HA HA, bet you didn’t see that one coming. Not more pounds around your middle, I mean those wonderful weights that you strap on you wrists and ankles. Wear those babies as much as possible. Even mundane chores like getting ready for work, or cooking turn into Olympic events. The only advice I would like to give is purchase them at a regular sporting goods store. Get a nice, comfortable pair. They will cost more, but the cheaper they are, the more skin they will rub off!

Get A New Pair Of Shoes. I could hear the cheers all the way from here! Sorry, not new pair of pumps or those new wedge sandals, but walking shoes. It is time to invest in a real pair of scientifically engineered, name brand walking shoes. Sure you can clean, walk, and do yard work in flip flops, but they will actually be putting a strain on your body, especially your back. With your brand new pair of shoes, you will be toning your legs and core just by raking leaves. AND since they cost a zillion dollars, you will actually be motivated by guilt to use them much more often. Like walking around your neighborhood envying your friends landscaping, or taking a lap around the park. You will look cute, too.

Go To Bed. Spend “QUALITY” time with your mate. What a fun way to burn over 150 calories

Leave Finger Prints On The Wall. Why let the kids have all the fun? Find a nice spot on a wall in your home to do wall push-ups. Just stand facing the wall, stretch out your arms, lean in, and do a push-up. Don’t forget to hold your belly to your spine. Do a few, then move on with your life. Repeat often, only take off your high heels first. I once did a few before church, slipped, hit the wall with my knees and ruined a perfectly good pair of hose.

Sit Down. We are spending more and more time on our bottoms. Driving, eating, church, work, folding clothes…., YIKES, we probably spend hours, sitting! Train yourself to sit correctly. Sit straight, lift your body out of your hips, and suck in your core to your spine. Hold your neck and back straight, and have your feet planted on the ground. If you keep that pose, you will intensely using your muscles to “hold yourself together”. This is the basis of isometric exercises. While you are sitting, do a few Kegel exercises. Yes, we gals can multi-task!

Find A Free Maid. I mean a best friend. Studies show that when you clean with a friend, you laugh (calories burned, stomach exercise), work harder, and clean faster. Every week would be perfect, but with busy schedules even once a month would be great. Put on some music, grab a bottled water, and get dusting.

Watch TV. The catch is you must stretch during the entire program. Sit or lay on the floor and stretch starting from your neck down to your toes, then work your way back up. Flexibility is lost the older we get, but watching TV like this will combat those stiff joints.

Wow! I feel like I had a work-out just typing. The important part is to get moving. Slip in the above tips as often as possible. You will be FIT to be tied!!!!!!

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