B.E.S.T. Missions
The Hall Family
Calvary's Love Childrens Home
Dave and Glenda Carter
Missionaries to Japan
Pastor Timothy Charlton
Church Planter
Don Chitty
Missionaries to the Navajo Indians
Don Chitty, Jr.
Missionaries to the Navajo Indians
DJ and Bethany Chiltty III
Missionaries to the Navajo in New Mexico
Christian Law Association
Christian Law Association
Pastor Paul Dudka
Final Frontiers
Final Frontiers
GEMS Williams Family
Global Evangelism Ministry Services
Missionary Michael Germi
Ed & Carole Hembree
Missionaries to Romania
The Hill Family
Missionaries to Argentina
Missionaries in Jerusalem
Unnamed for Security Reasons
Layne & Nelia Jones
Missionaries to the Philippines
TJ & Krista Kimmel
C.O.R.E. Missions Centered on Remote Evangelism
Lopez Family
Missionaries to Bolivia, South America
Corey & Elizabeth McDonald
Missionaries on Team East Africa
Adam & Cesia Ogle
Teaching All Nations
Charles Osgood Family
Missionaries to Ghana West Africa
Mark & Kim Palmani
Missionaries to the Philippines
Keith and Jamie Putnam
Missionaries to Brazil
Dan and Carmen Rogers
Missionaries to Merida, Mexico
Simmons Family
Missionaries to Uruguay, South America
Robert Smith Family
Missionaries to Barbados, West Indies
Steve Spurlock
Faith Baptist Ministries
Evangelistic Ministry out of Pikeville, KY
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Calvary's Love Children's Home Tanzania

Charlie Vest

Asian World Baptist Missions

Teaching All Nations

Update from Preacher's

trip to Tanzania

B.E.S.T. Missions

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